The Gorilla Love Project stems from a deep sense of frustration and a fierce belief that we can do better. It is about heeding to a more powerful, intuitive and swift call to community action.

It is not about business or politics as usual, but committing to a wild, selfless act, itself. It is about collectively undertaking a goal that is so singularly clear there is no time for corruption, no need for overhead, and is so spontaneous there is no way to predict its outcome.

Handcrafted Scarves

Get out your knitting needles!


Anyone who has the ability to knit or crochet a simple warm scarf.


Wondering what to do with that yarn you had to have but never used? Last year I took all my “never going to use again” yarns and upcycled half to my girlfriends and with the remainder I knitted one scarf each week up until Christmas when I donated them to the homeless Christmas gathering at the Vets Hall.


Gorilla Love Sandwich Meals

Our band is a handful of caring community members who are dedicated to seeing that those without access to regular meals have at least two evenings a week of healthy sandwiches, organically grown fruit and snack items.


Continued Gorilla Action

We are designing a program that makes it easy for volunteers to continue your Gorilla Action at your own respective pace.

If you would like to continue volunteering, improving the prototype or hands-on building, or delivering of microhouses, you can click the "Signup To Volunteer" link to see what actions are upcoming. If there nothing listed you can use the contact page to inquire about getting involved.

Faces of the Homeless

Now that I am getting to know each one of these homeless, many by name, it is becoming more personal. This is no longer a faceless issue.

Jacob: We have just housed a boyfriend, Jacob, his girlfriend and their male friend who have all been staying at the Hospitality house until now. They did not know of the Food Bank services or any county program for that matter. They didn’t even own a tarp and were having difficulty mustering up the means to purchase one.

Homeless Outreach

Anyone who is aware of these microhouses and knows a homeless person who has no cell phone, please ask them if they are interested in receiving a microhouse and please assist them in calling us if need be. Personal contact goes a long way with this….  Many have a very difficult time reaching out for assistance. The HOMELESS HOTLINE for microhouses is (530) 845-5783


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